Our platform offers a cost-effective continuous monitoring of the condition of bridge structures.


Through its owners and strategic partners, IoT Bridge is a guarantee that the algorithms used are well-proven and based on current research.

User Friendly

Our services are presented through well-designed user applications and possibly directly into external applications such as BaTMan.


Our Bridge Edge Gateway offers a reliabel and flexible monitoring solution. It supports both wireless sensors and wired sensors. This greatly reduces the deployment cost of the sensor system. The Bridge Edge Gateway is also powerful and can intelligently make local computations depending on the application needs. Measurements are transferred to the IoTBridge Cloud over standard mobile connections not requiring any expensive properietary communication solutions


Our Bridge Monitoring System offers a modern solution for analysing and assessing the structural health of a bridge. We combine state-of-the-art continuous data streaming, edge computing, advanced message brokers, cloud processing and machine learning algorithms with visualisation in smart phone apps for creating understanding and insights.

IoTBridge Cloud

The IoTBridge Cloud is a highly scalable solution able to process incoming measurements such as vibrations with a frequency up to 400 Hz. The latest IoT datastreaming technology is being used to translate raw measurements into a structured format for analaytics and visualisation. The standard format being used makes it possible to process and export data to your favourite analytical tool. The IoTBridge library of machine learning algorithms allows you to perform operations such as damage detection, rainflow analysis, frequency spectrum analysis, condition a and lifetime assessements.

Featured work