CNet is a leading-edge software house specializing in middleware and development tools for Internet of Things applications. Their core technology today is the Open Source middleware LinkSmart which allows integration of devices and sensors to be controlled in different type of applications.

Since 1998 CNet has been working with Swedish Transport Administration on Bridge and Tunnel Management, and has developed important parts of their system for Bridge and Tunnel Management (BatMan).



SICS Swedish ICT is one of the leading institutes in software for wireless sensor networks. Their operating system Contiki for resource constrained wireless sensor devices is used both within research and industry, including several real-world deployments. Their results have been published in the leading conferences in the networking field.

SICS Swedish ICT has an ongoing project together with KTH and IIT Bombay, SICS is investigating efficient data gathering methods for railway bridge monitoring data, that meet the requirements imposed by the damage detection algorithms developed at KTH.



Decentlab first bridge monitoring solution was deployed in 2006, and has been active in this market ever since. A key partner of Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research, for their bridge monitoring needs. Their hardware has been engineered for remote locations, a good foundation for a complete bridge monitoring application.



Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) – Royal Institute of Technology -The division of Structural Engineering and Bridges within the department of Civil and Architectural Engineering specializes in structural health monitoring and condition assessment, in developing techniques for assessing the remaining service life of structures, as well as in developing methods for analysis of traffic induced vibrations on bridges.